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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Food from you

I have been posting a lot of my meals and have coincidentally received a few nice plates from you guys this evening.

RoxAnn shares a dish she made with tahitian squash, pasta and wild mushrooms.

It looks and I bet it tastes fantastic.

Amy Shelton made a Polish bread stuffed with cauliflower, carrots, caramelized onions, peas and potatoes with mustard seed and turmeric. 

I think it is a variation of a classic Polish bialy.

Also looks delicious.

I would be tempted to hit it with a little spicy mustard but it probably is perfect the way it is.

Gena Barney baked sourdough bread today and made waffles with the discard.

She said the loaf was overproofed but it looks plenty good to me and Jeff said it was fabulous.

Bill Warmboe is up in San Francisco where it is currently wet and cold. 

He cooked up a pork roast, a comfort food for him. He said it was so good he ate half of it.

I admire Bill, one of my closest friends, tremendously. He grew up poor in the very rural upper peninsula of Michigan, he had to hunt, fish, skin and trap if he wanted to eat. Didn't have indoor plumbing until he was in his teens. 

That kind of hardship builds strong, resilient, resourceful people, like Bill. Love him.

Please keep those meal photos coming.

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