Raven at San Jacinto

Friday, January 19, 2024

For the good times

So what is your pick here for the Kristofferson standard? Price is probably my favorite but all are wonderful. Dean had just lost his son Dino in the accident and I believe that his wife Jeanne had just left him. His raw emotion and delivery here, while slow, is unmatched by practically anything I have ever heard.

Dean and Elvis are probably my two favorite singers but Ray is no slouch. You rarely hear an artist sing with real emotion anymore.


Victoria Roberts Art Assemblage said...

Kristofferson's version is my fave! But of these selections, I think Elvis dooes a damned good job.

Blue Heron said...

Not really fair to compare live and studio versions but I would say that as beautiful as the Elvis version is, it lacks the emotional punch and conviction of the other two.

Chip said...

Going in I assumed that the Ray Price version would be my favorite. With that said, I was candidly surprised by how powerful Dean's rendition of the song is. The backstory you provided makes it all the more touching. Accordingly, while all 3 are excellent, to my surprise, Dean gets my nod here.