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Friday, January 12, 2024

Do not look with scorn or askance at my scones, lest ye be scuppered and scuttled with the other scallywags and scoundrels.

I delivered a painting to a museum in Orange County today. On the way home I stopped at Sprouts to look for organic berries. Leslie is a stickler for organic.

She asked me if I could make her a scone batch with pistachios. We have been mostly using walnuts and pecans lately. I looked at a few recipes and had a general idea what I wanted to do.

I couldn't get organic blueberries but I did find strawberries, raspberries and blackberries and went with the latter. I had seen a roasted strawberry recipe and will try it another day.

I ended up making blackberry lemon pistachio scones with vanilla icing.

I added a lot of lemon zest, Leslie picked fresh lemons from our tree.

This recipe called for a little baking soda to go with the powder, what the hell, why not?

Ended up a bit more cakey, less rustic. I had used the soda once before on the ginger cardamon scone.

I made what I thought might be a fatal mistake, accidentally hitting convection roast instead of convection bake but corrected in a few minutes and they were no worse for wear.

The main problem is that the blackberries weren't sweet enough.

You can't really tell at the store.

The icing saved the day. I put it on too early but came over the top with a drizzle later and all was good.

I gave it my best shot.

Quite tasty. Not as good as my peach walnut ginger but honestly, not much is.

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