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Monday, January 22, 2024

Good husbands

My friend Joel is in a remodeling project and his wife said that the columns had to go! The dutiful husband grabbed a sawzall and cut them in half and pulled them out of the house. Joel needed to get rid of the darn things so he put them on Craigslist for a peanuts price. Just get rid of them.

A woman called up ecstatic. She was apparently a pillar obsessive, had to have them. She could barely contain herself in her glee. She would buy them all and come get them. She was so excited she gave my friend both her phone number and her husband's, just in case he couldn't get a hold of her.

Joel wanted to make sure they were coming over at the appointed hour and called her. Nothing. He tried the husband.

"Hi Joel," said the voice on the phone. "What's up?" It was our coffee buddy Paul, who had been roped in by wife Marti into getting the columns and bringing them home. 

We all spend a lot of time with each other every day and it was funny that neither guy knew that the other guy was involved in the pillar purchase.

Now Paul gets to fix them to his wife's specifications. Pillar of the community.

Everybody is happy!

[Note: My idea was to hire a very short bearded person and chain him to the columns and do a Sampson re-enactment. Sell tickets.]

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