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Monday, January 8, 2024

Asian Buffet Redux

I took Leslie to the Asian Seafood Buffet today up in Murrieta. She liked it but was not terribly impressed, told me she favored quality over quantity. Hmph!  One in every crowd. I think the quality is fine. But what do I know?

Here she snapped a pic of me eating a purple taro bun. It was excellent. I also had a similar chicken mushroom bun.

The place cost us thirty five bucks with tax for the two of us. I think I ate that much sushi in the first three minutes by myself.

I honestly don't know how they do it? So much food. It's fatty heaven there, the normal patrons make me look slim.

My favorites are the giant prawns, the egg custard cups, the fried chicken, the gyoza, the fried bananas and the salmon sushi to name but a few. I kept it to a minimum today, three heaping plates. Not that hungry.

Joel said that he went with his wife the other day and there was an old asian lady there in her eighties, at least, with no teeth, dropping food into not one but two giant ziplocks in her purse for later.

Joel looked at her quizzically and she gave him the finger. Attagirl!

There was an older latino woman next to us from Lake Elsinore who was there with her mom. Her mother had been in the hospital after a heart attack and they stopped at the buffet on the way home.

Sounds like me.

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Blue Heron said...

We've been there. Not bad. Next time you're on the 805 try Natsumi buffet off Miramar Rd. Same price, but better quality. ✌🏽