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Friday, January 5, 2024

Fallen plagiarist

As most everybody is aware, Harvard President Claudine Gay has resigned, principally for two reasons. 

The first was her failure to forcefully answer a question regarding the acceptability of calling for Jewish genocide, the second for charges of plagiarism in her academic writing.

The first charge has been hashed out ad infinitum, she and her cohorts at Penn and M.I.T. were a bit mealy mouthed. 

But it is not at all surprising in today's political climate when a certain group is once again wearing a target on its back. 

Academia and the State Department have never given a kreplach about Jewish blood, it's not real fashionable.

Here is the exchange that got her axed:

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York asked, “Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Harvard’s rules of bullying and harassment? Yes or no?” Gay responded, “It can be, depending on the context.” She added, “Antisemitic rhetoric, when it crosses into conduct that amounts to bullying, harassment, intimidation, that is actionable conduct, and we do take action.”

I don't feel like beating this one to death, she left, but as most people are aware, Harvard has a history of Jewish quotas and doing p.r. work for Hitler so she is probably just a scapegoat for a deeply imbedded anti semitism. Tough to walk the tightrope with today's nauseatingly woken progressive generation on the left and the rabid fascist cadre on the right.

I am more interested in the plagiarizing charges today. Because they sound like bunk. I have over thirteen thousand posts on this blog. Have I ever reworked people's paragraphs before and failed to cite them? You bet I have. If you write a lot you are going to omit a credit or citation from time to time.

And any writer who is honest will admit to the same. It happens. It does not sound like she erred in this regard to a degree that should have caused her to lose her job.


Finest said...

You are 'skirting' the issue...plagiarism gets you thrown out of the ivy league in any
manifestation if you are an underclassmen, period. You get caught you're gone. Happens annually to tens of cheaters. Which is why it was laughable to see this 'person of DEI pursuasion' get a pass when she was outed as a serial liar. Especially one pulling down $900K. She cheated 50 times on her limited publications. And they're still gonna pay her, and then she played the race card. Dint see Liz MaGill play the gender card.

Let's coin a phrase. Call these spineless heads of higher education 'overeducated zombies'. Any flicker of humanity in their lifeless corpses? Not a chance. You've got millions of real humans out in the street working two, three jobs just trying to stay warm with no time to lift their heads to see these losers in their ivory towers, just to laugh at them.

There's your 'context'.

Franz Kafka

Finest said...

Franz continues....