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Wednesday, January 3, 2024


I was worried that the word would come up. And by gosh it did, on the recent bird count trip. The word onomatopoeia. I thought I knew what it meant but really didn't. And to pronounce it correctly, heavens no. But these girls rattled it off like they sprinkled it on their cheerios every morning. And they knew what it meant.


Hiccup, croak, shush and wham are all examples of onomatopoeia.


I head another word on the radio that I was unclear on. "That guy has a really good looking weenus." 

Now what in the heck is a weenus, lord, do I even want to know? 

It turns out that it is the loose skin on your elbow, but the word is a colloquialism of recent manufacture, probably less than thirty years old. Also sometimes spelled weenis.


I was a little taken back after talking to the accent agu yesterday. She said that she and Christie had an epiphany watching the Barbie movie the other day.

She told me that I needed to see it. "Not on your life," I told her. 

She says that it is an allegory and that in Barbieland, the women have basically emasculated all the men and that the movie has convinced her that we need to restore patriarchy and give guys all their power back. 

Obviously women would be much happier if they were submissive and compliant again. Spend their time ogling my weenis.

Well, we can give it a try...

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Julie Hardesty said...

This is some of my favorite content of all time! I am dying over here.