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Monday, January 8, 2024

Monday's masterful meander


We are in the time of warm days and cold nights but it is absolutely beautiful around Fallbrook right now.

Beautiful flowers and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Some of my Fallbrook friends have decided to go elsewhere and seek greener, or in some cases whiter pastures.

Kip and Annette are doing a five or six month run in New Hampshire.

This is their mailbox today.

And here they are taking Riley out for a nice walk in the snow.


(I wonder if Riley gets a vote in all this?) 

Well, to each his own. 

Kip sent me a pic of this ad he saw at a Main St. Cafeish diner menu back there this morning.



Dixon sent this over.

And one from Melanie in South Carolina.

Shawn sent this from Thailand - Treating cancer with photodynamic therapy.


Caught the opening at the Fallbrook Art Association two doors down on Saturday.

The always stylish Penny Fedorchak appeared in resplendent red.


Another political cartoon from the East Bay's Bob DeGoff


I was shocked when the young woman in the red volvo laid into her horn behind me for ten seconds because I allowed two car lengths in front of me in the slow lane on Highway 76. She was so angry, absolutely irate, ended up passing me on the right shoulder and then cutting in and out of three lanes so that she could turn into the street before Walmart.

People are in such a freaking hurry and they have no idea about the rules of driving or good manners anymore. 


No farmer's market this last Saturday. Is it over?


Water rates in Fallbrook are evidently dropping. Think that the Jan S's and Chicken Littles that inhabit social media will ever admit that their doom and gloom pessimism was misplaced? Not a chance.

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