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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Pictures at an exhibition


 I went over to the Art Center yesterday to put labels on my shots for the upcoming show.

I looked around and checked out some of the other photos on the floor and gulped.

There is some really good work in the show. Very professional and gorgeous.

I wasn't going to do it at all, since the last show at the library just came down and I threw some shots in frames at very short notice after a little prodding. Basically what I had around.

Perhaps I should have given it more care and effort? The theme for the show is visual abstraction and many of my shots are objective and representational. Should have brought my a-game.

I hope that I don't embarrass myself... But from what I have seen, there is going to be some beautiful work on display, I hope that some of mine will fall into that category with further analysis.

By the way, none of these shots pictured will be in the show.

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