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Friday, January 19, 2024

Friday Yum

I bought some really high quality lamb chops at Grocery Outlet today, both loin and shoulder. 

Found a great deal.

It was a good day and I wanted to celebrate a minor victory. 

I know that many people don't like lamb. 

We love it. But we don't eat it very often.

These chops were grass fed and very clean. 

I made a ginger garlic lemon olive oil marinade and let them sit for a long while in the mixing bowl. 

Added a lot of herbs.

I seared them in the Le Creuset grill pan two minutes a side and then transferred them to a rack with the already baked potatoes in the oven for a four minute convection cook at 375 degrees. 

Man, did they come out perfect!

Served with marinated long stemmed artichoke hearts and garlic from Italy.


I learned something crazy about my wife and my family today. Neither of our fathers had middle names. Neither my father Amos Sommers or her dad, Marvin Gellman. Very unusual I think. Most people have middle names.

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Lena said...

My parents didn’t have middle names either…must be a Jewish thing?