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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Best bacon

Best bacon. Supposedly. Have you tried it?


I had to go to Walmart to buy totes today. I am not sure why but every time I walk into a Walmart I feel like I die a little bit.


I had a neighbor move in next door about a year ago. I understand that she is a retired prison or police officer from Lompoc. Told somebody that she wanted to do some pot raids while she was down here in her retirement. No biggie. She has horses and some really big freaking dogs, like Tibetan mastiff size or larger, they never shut up.

They bark incessantly, all night long. 

I can't do anything in my own yard without them going off. 

To each his own, I am pretty good at ignoring neighbors but the continuous barking is a pain in the ass. 

But what are you going to do? Some people don't give a shit who they bother. 

I leave people alone, I wish they would let me live in peace too but some people are just too selfish and self absorbed.

My friend Tom was turning off my water meter a couple months ago when one of the huge dogs grabbed his elbow through the fence and wouldn't let go. 

Tom has had altercations with dogs before, he used to read meters for the power company. 

He says that these dogs were different, they would not release and tore his jacket to shreds at the elbow. If they caught you, you might die.

The new neighbor got him unlocked from the dog but never offered to pay for the jacket. Never apologized. Next thing I know, the very next day she put a taller chain link fence between our properties. 

At one time the properties were owned by a brother and his brother and law and we both used the road but when Hayden bought the property things got a little weird. Cut the water to my trees without telling me, things like that.

Anyway it appears it is more of the same with his successor.

 When I went out to turn the water back on after the main line leak the day before yesterday, I noticed that she had put little signs on the fence between the property telling me not to bother her dogs. 

Don't put my hands near the fence, even if I am standing on my own property.

Very weird to see these signs, which were evidently made for me, maybe on advice of counsel. I don't look forward to a long and warm relationship, certainly not until she buys Tom a new coat.

The dogs look very dangerous, I hope that their tenure in the valley is very brief. Here's hoping anyway.

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