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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Terry and Peggy go to Egypt and Jordan

My fellow dealer and friend and mentor Terry DeWald and his lovely wife Peggy are on a trip to the middle east. 

I know that they are visiting the Nile region of Egypt and Petra. 

He sent me some fabulous shots today.

The world's pre-eminent native basket dealer is having what looks like a trip of a lifetime. 

Terry of Arabia. Soon to be a book and major motion picture.

Looks like an amazing trip. I am really jealous!

The Egyptian light looks really beautiful. 

I was in Egypt in the 1970s but only on a limited trip to Nueba on the Red Sea.  

I have done a fair amount of traveling and it is still the most picturesque place I have ever been.

Stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful time on the balance of your trip, my friends.

If you visit the underworld, make sure that you have a round trip ticket.


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