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Monday, January 22, 2024

Good Eats

I saw an article yesterday about trends that people should leave behind. One of them was people incessantly showing you what they eat. Erp. Well, all I can say is that it beats the hell out of politics. And with that, here we go.

It is flu, covid and R.S.V. season, if you believe in any of that stuff, of course, and don't think it is a big illuminati conspiracy. 

And what goes better with the coughing, sneezing, runny nose thing than a nice hot bowl of chicken soup? And if you want the best bowl in Fallbrook, you just head over to Rosas for their sopa de caldo.

This is a luscious bowl of soup, teeming with all sorts of things guaranteed to get you back on the right track.

This is not the La Especial style of chicken soup, also delicious, it runs a bit deeper than that.

It has two corn cob chunks, potatoes, squash, rice, carrots, and delectable chicken, swimming in a rich and beautiful broth.

Comes with your choice of tortillas, limes, cilantro, onions and other things that I probably forget.

This is a serious bowl of soup and it takes a while to finish. That is, if you can.

There is a lot here and it is not for the timid.

But I always feel better after I take it on. Very restorative. 

Just don't fill up first on the chips and salsa, everybody knows that Rosa's green sauce is the best in town.

And now Tom has me hooked on their slushy lemonade drink too. Darn.

Rosa's Mexican Food
1075 South Mission Road A
Fallbrook, CA 92028

I had to pick up an item for my show in Las Vegas on the coast and drop off a scone with Ron and Lena this morning.

Afterwards I decided to splurge and indulge in a guilty pleasure. What the hell, you only live twice. I stopped at Tip Top Meats, the best butcher in North County, located in Carlsbad off Palomar Airport Rd.

A lot of people don't know this but you can order anything from the butcher cases at Tip Top and they will cook it for you on the spot in the restaurant.

I went for it today, ordering a big, beautiful, thick, well marbled, prime rib eye steak. 

The butcher weighed it out and gave the restaurant a ticket order for about $28.

They asked if I wanted salt and pepper or their house seasoning. 

When I said salt and pepper they said I was making a mistake so I went with it, along with red cabbage, sauerkraut, german potatoes, bread and a salad.

Not a big fan of the grilled onions but next time I will know and they were easily brushed off.

About a sixty dollar plus meal at a steakhouse. 

While the place makes spartan look like the ritz I come for the food, not the ambience.

Unbelievable steak.

Tip Top Meats

6118 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 438-2620

Open 7am - 8pm Daily.

1 comment:

Blue Heron said...

I LOVE Tip Top Meats!
Your meal looked amazing.
Personally I am crazy about their Sauerbraten and Red Cabbage meal. It is getting so difficult to find good red cabbage like that.
Tip Top fascinates me. I love to comb that store and look at everything. The European specialties are great!
I can hardly get Jim out of the wine dept.
Love that you shared this visit with us! 😊