Jelly, jelly so fine

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sweet Child O' Mine

My little brother Johnnie, who now prefers to be known as Jack, was in town recently on business. Besides being a very nice fellow, John is a brain, a senior engineer fuel cell specialist at Bloom Energy. This is one of his favorite bands, Metalachi. I dig it, see where he is coming from. We went out one night to Oceanside, with Leslie, walked the pier, started our crawl at Urge, the whiskey bar, had good irish whiskey, red breast, skip the expensive and marginal food, then went to Panca for fabulous peruvian chicken and sweet potato fries with the beautiful aji amarilla sauce, chicharone sandwich and a lovely rose colored flan. Panca isn't fancy but it is really good. Had been there before but they are much better now. Afterwords we wandered across the street to the pour house for a nightcap and a really good cover band, Joe Wood and the Lonely Ones. I'm now old and don't get out much but we had a really good time nonetheless.

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