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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Fakir fit to be fried

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Jon Harwood said...

Hmmm, methinks the lady has some problems and I think the spell caster has a lot more problems. As I understand this stuff it is a very tricky business and there are some (not totally consistent) rules of the road. Generally, spells and such have to be non-manipulative and non-exploitative and not oriented to harming anything. If so, the practitioner or quacktitioner will be safe, if boring, as well as not able to sell his/her services on the internet.

Folks like those mentioned in your post are playing with fire and liable to exactly the sort of side effects you mention, such as a life of hell for the wifey who asked for the spell. While the Wizard or whatever he is might not turn into a chicken, he and folks like him tend to live rather miserable lives and have to apply for food stamps as a consequence of fucking around with the mysterious powers of the universe.

It is just like living on the earth. If one does so with respect for the other beings and for nature, etc. one generally lives a happy life if a bit unconventional. If one fucks around with the earth, building nuclear weapons or such things, having a happy life is more elusive if not totally so.

The deities have a sense of humor and they like to mess around with us, so the rules alluded to to above are applied in a rather inconsistent manner. Best for us to have a sense of humor too as anyone expecting the universe to run according to the kind of laws humans make shall be sorely disappointed. In my opinion Ravens and Crows make a better teacher than most humans.

Blue Heron said...

Jon, I think that you are giving these stupid scam artists far more credit than they deserve.

Jon Harwood said...

Its true that they don't deserve no credit.