Jelly, jelly so fine

Monday, March 26, 2018

Two timer

I have been hip deep in Facebook. I feel like I am confessing to some gross indiscretion or infidelity. I am sorry Blast, I know we have been through so much together! It is just that I posted one New Mexico lightning shot that you barely turned an eye towards and got over seven hundred likes in one day. Facebook laughs at my jokes, likes my photography, you know...

Facebook still thinks I am cute and well, I get the feeling you think my act is rather tired. But don't worry, I'm getting my ass off of there just as soon as I get the information I need from the asian antique sites.

I know my limitations and I am far too obsessive and indulgent to think that I have the self restraint to lay off that high octane dopamine pump. Besides, we have far too much history together to chuck the whole thing now. Sure, she's cute, but you've been there for me through the good times and bad times and... hold on a second, I think I just got a zuckerberg. Gotta go.


Anonymous said...

Cute?....more like acute.

Max Hall said...

If you had a "like" option I'd be hitting it frequently on the photo posts on this blog.👍👍👍