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Sunday, March 4, 2018

zero called and wants its nothing back.

we can dwell on the current fear and insanity if we choose and I wouldn't blame you if you did or we can lose ourselves in the crazy sad and funny bits or we can even plunge forward thinking that it usually turns out okay in our familiar movie, I don't have any answers, lot of people petrified acshav, did you ever read Anton Wilson's work, the Illuminatus Trilogy or Schrodinger's Cat?

The discordians have control of the machinery right now and anyone with a brain saw that a big heaping helping of chaos was about to lay waste to everything in its tracks. The mindless small handed alpha males are talking about their favorite subject, war, trade or military wise, which is never fast and easy and promising bigger porkswords or nukes or market share and president for life and hang em high western movie justice and oh shit, I'm falling down that spiraling rabbit hole.

Not going to do it, have to believe that everything will be all right.

You folks have been sending me stuff.

Ricardo sent this article in the New York Times, which I had already sent out and digested, confirming the imminent death of the antiques business. Tea leaves I had read and shared years ago but who is asking?

How low will the antiques market go?


© Roy Cohen

Roy Cohen sent a nice blog post over from Contemplative Fitness. Thoughtful and intelligent man who takes nice pictures and stays remarkably fit along the way.

Larry Moskovitz recently returned from an amazing trip photographing birds in Costa Rica, check it out here. Taking the liberty of borrowing a shot of macaws for illustrative purposes without asking. If he has a problem it is gone.

© Morten Hilmer
A nice photography blog from a guy named Morten Hilmer who shoots musk ox in the northland and freezes his cameras and appendages off in the process.

© Lena Leichtling

Lena and Ron are having a great extended time in Asia again. Check out Rice is Sacred.

That's all I got right now. Keep on sending stuff over. Everything will be okay. We have nothing to fear but fear itself or maybe utter destruction and a post apocalyptic mad max scenario where we are all sporting mohawks and riding around in dune buggies shooting at each other with face paint.

But don't worry, some space virus picked up on Elon Musk's orbiting roadster will probably get us first. Not deadly mind you. This one will be mildly psychedelic. We will be forced to watch endless backreels of home movies of our inane lives while the aliens laugh at our dumb tomfoolery. Cheerio!

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