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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Aqua Soleil

Leslie and I went out to Desert Hot Springs for a soak Thursday to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Our anniversary is actually on the 15th but I will be out of town on that day so we went a bit early.

We have been going out to the desert for a long time. Started out at the Desert Hot Springs Resort but the staff and clientele got real seedy at some point.

We had a friend who was the architect at Two Bunch Palms and could get us deals but after the place was taken over it got too expensive. Still definitely the best pools around there.

We have tried near everything, the late Hacienda, the Hyundai, El Morocco, Miracle. This time we went to Aqua Soleil. Leslie found us a great deal, something like $69 and then management freely upgraded us to the poolside Sophia Loren suite.

Room was nice and clean, no complaints. Ordered pizza in the first night. It was windy and gloomy and we spent ample time in the pool and two jacuzzis. Not Two Bunch but not three hundred plus either. Nicer than the last time we stayed there, ages ago.

Still a bit sterile. Restucco a seventies building, throw a modern chair or two in the room and appeal to a young clientele. I get it.

Just missing a little warmth and love. Some schmaltz. But okay. At least it was clean. Very few fellow lodgers midweek. Staff and management very nice.

I called our dear friends Ron and Lena and was surprised that they were in Palm Springs the same day celebrating Ronnie's birthday. We talked about maybe getting together but it didn't happen and didn't necessarily need to.

Found a Mexican grocery the next morning and bought grade #a medjool dates for $2.99 a lb., about a fifth of Hadley's price. Cruised back refreshed and slightly invigorated.

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