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Thursday, May 2, 2019

No room at the Inn

Interesting article in the Los Angeles Times today, California's population growth is the slowest in recorded history. Apparently more education correlates to a lower birthrate.
The state added 186,807 residents last year, bringing the estimated total population to 39,927,315 as of Jan. 1, according to estimates released by the state Department of Finance on Wednesday. The overall growth rate slipped to 0.47% last year from 0.78% in 2017, the slowest since data collection started in 1900, department spokesman H.D. Palmer said. Births in the state were down by more than 18,000 compared with the previous year.
I don't see this as necessarily a bad thing. I'm cool with forty million, I think our freeways are already congested, our water resources are maxed out, our open space continually under attack; see the recent Trump fracking plan targets one million acres in California.

I like living in a state that is at the forefront of keeping water and air quality high. I think it is unrealistic to have an economy based on continual population growth. We are at an environmental tipping point. You don't like the taxes, high cost of housing or liberal politics here, you are free to leave. I hear Carefree and Prescott are nice.

No dejes que la puerta te golpee en su nagas.

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Jon Harwood said...

Me afraid that endless population growth is going to be the end of civilization at least as we know it.

Since there seems to be no interest whatsoever in dealing with this I shall provide a prophetic:

Thats All Folks!!