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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Jose Villarreal

Jose Cardenas Villarreal was killed in the early morning hours in Fallbrook on May 15 in a hit and run accident. He was a poor, hardworking man from Mexico, seventy one years old.

I drove by the scene of the horrific event an hour or two after the tragic accident occurred. I have never seen so many cops and emergency vehicles in Fallbrook.

I have been inquiring about the identity of the victim for the past several days and only learned it this morning. Jose was apparently trying to catch a bus to the Social Security office.

He was hit by a white car like a Suburban and drug for a block. Obviously, being a hit and run, the driver of the car never stopped.

Jose picked avocados and citrus for a living. He had lived in Fallbrook for over forty years. He was originally from Totatiche, Jalisco. His family needs help sending his remains back to his homeland. You can help them in their efforts by donating here. Please help.

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Anonymous said...

Having been a victim of a hit and run driver, I can tell it's a real shit feeling when somebody runs you over with a vehicle and then drives off leaving you for dead. It takes a gutless coward to do that.