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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Checking in

I had my cysto yesterday. Had to come in an extra hour early so that the blue light solution could be infused into the bladder.

The nurses had a problem getting enough blood for all the tests, missed and poked, prodded and finally got enough, although you could have given Keith Richards a transfusion with what was spilled on my body and bed. A mess. I felt like a human pincushion. Was accidentally infiltrated once many years ago, almost lost my left arm during an IVP procedure and I am bit touchy about such things, especially pokes and long term venipunctures in the hand.

The anesthesiologist came in, a relatively young, tall, Jewish guy named Cohen. Sounded east coast, dour, little evident sense of humor. He asked if I had anything to eat since midnight and I told him just a tab of acid.

He said, "Really? I'm sorry but I have to make sure." I assured him that I was just kidding. Couldn't find a tab of acid these days if I tried. But then I asked him if I could have some music to fall asleep to.

He asked me what I wanted to listen to and I said Grateful Dead as it always relaxes me when I go under in these kinds of operations and I also think it has a good effect on the doctors and nurses. Hopefully get them grooving.

They put on Sirius Channel 23 and as I started to go under to the sweet strains of Jerry plucking the dulcet tones of The harder they come he asked me if I was sure I hadn't dropped the acid?

The procedure went well, I was out for a couple hours. The doctor took a bunch of what she termed were "little bites" out of the bladder wall and will get them analyzed for the presence of the nasty intruder. Unfortunately I won't get word for another five or six days so I am still in the waiting game, as you are. She wants me to take it easy, no lifting or straining and that is what I am going to do.

I was hungry and we stopped at Spicy City on the way home for takeout. Cumin lamb, tea smoked duck and homemade pickles and bamboo shoots from the cold bar. They were closed but they love my wife and cooked it up for us anyway. Great food which we devoured when we got home.

Will let you know when I know something.


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Ken Seals said...

Wishing you the best results from your test!

Kent said...

Fuck cancer, see ya soon.

Sanoguy said...

Fingers crossed here, BH!

Juliah said...

Wishing you all the BEST, Robert! Love and prayers.