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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Raptor day

Next week will be a big week with Palm Springs Modernism.

Thought I should take a mental health day out in San Jacinto yesterday while I could.

Saw three vans of college students parked when I got there. Think it was a biology or birding class.

Cool, I can share.

Loggerhead Shrike

I was trying out some new techniques and gear yesterday.

Results were spotty but I managed to grab a few good ones and learned some things.

It was a gorgeous and marvelous day. I didn't see the vermilion flycatcher or the mountain bluebirds but I did see a bunch of meadowlarks, my favorite singers.

In any case I had a cheap dime store epiphany while I was there.

I would rather be there with the critters and birds and get no shots than not have the place in my life at all.

I really enjoy just soaking up the sounds, sights and the ecosystem. Better to experience than even record.

I had a couple juvenile bald eagles pulling circles over at my head, just out of proper reach. Always a thrill.

Watched a peregrine falcon plummet off a high branch at one point. I rarely see them in trees.

Lots of marsh hawks flying around. It is funny but I see about ten females for every male.

But I did see a male yesterday.

The males are gray.

I have a new Feisol monopod and Wimberley MH-100 head for the big lens. My monopod technique is frankly terrible. I must perfect it.

Put the whole megilla on my back and took a long hike. I felt the weight, I will tell you. Still feel it today.

Now that's a red tail!
I was there an awful long time. No food but ample water. Stopped and took a nap at one point.

In the afternoon I watched the students leave and felt a proprietary or territorial sigh of relief.

Had the place all to myself again. Never saw them but could feel them.

Took a lot of pictures. Will plough through and see if I can dig up anything good.

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Ken Seals said...

Well done! I appreciate your feelings about having a wonderful, peaceful outdoor place to enjoy.