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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Palm Springs Modernism 2020

Karen Barone

I have just returned from my show in Palm Springs. I did alright, sold some things, it certainly was not stellar for me but still decent. Crowd seemed to be much more viscerally and decoratively oriented than in prior years but I suppose that that is the way things are going. There was definitely a lot of cool and quite interesting material at the show.

Leslie came out to join me for Valentines Day and we had a blast. Got a room in Desert Hot Springs and soaked in the pools. Our group ate lots of good food, we discovered some new places, had lots of laughs. Bought some neat things, had a great time with some of our best pals.

Bill Warmboe

I shared a booth and room with Steve, as usual. He got saved by a couple clients with some good sales at the very end.

Steve Stoops

Vincent Vallarino

Randy from Colorado generously gave us opening night tickets to the art fair next door and I brought my camera.

Great people watching, the art was spotty but it did have a few great dealers and I was able to see some wonderful clients, compatriots and friends.

Phil Keiffer
People in Palm Springs dress with a freedom and élan that I never see approximated elsewhere. The fashionistas are so much fun!

I mentioned that I would hate to have the local socks concession because very few people out there ever seem to wear them.

The next night our own show opened and it was equally sartorially splendid. I picked off interesting looking people with my camera as they came into my booth.

Michael Ostrow

Lots of our old friends stopped by, Vickie, Roger Genser, Dennis Boses, Zinner and Marty, Stan and Dan, Maurine and Chuck, Mark Hilbert, Ray Redfern, Jeff Olsen, Jim Snidle, Bob Kaplan, David Rago and Suzanne Perrault, Jim and Janice Swan and Joy Purcell, was really a happening. The city goes all out for Modernism week.

A woman walked into my booth sporting an outrageously large pear diamond. We will call her Mrs. Glaubman.

I timidly asked her if the stone was real and she said that indeed it was.

But then she offered that immense stones like hers often came with a curse.

"Oh," I inquired. "What is that?"

"Mr. Glaubman," she responded.

Always a gas. Hope that you enjoyed my people shots. I didn't have a flash so I had to wing it. Just unpacked and I am planning to enjoy the rest of my day. Hope that you enjoy yours as well.


Ken Seals said...

Really interesting and enjoyable!! Thanks

Sanoguy said...

I need to go to this... mid-century. modis my fav architectural style. It looks like the people watching is good also.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Great shots! Do they present awards to the best costumed attendees? Looks like a lot of fun

Jerry HallJe said...

Famtastic! Thanks for sharing Robert!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy modern show shots thx for sharing!

Liz said...

Glad you had fun

Kent said...

Thanks Robert, great people watching.