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Monday, February 3, 2020


I don't watch a lot of television, hardly anything at all to be honest. Once in a great while I will find something I like and then I tend to binge watch the whole series.

It was just announced that Better Call Saul Season Four is finally coming to Netflix on February 9, or in about a week. This is only what, a year and a half late?

But I am stoked. You might not see me much the early part of that week. Or I could savor it and stretch it out, I don't know. I love the show, love the writing, the incredible actors and actresses, it is in my opinion, as good as it gets.

I wasn't a huge Breaking Bad fan, watched it or most of it but it got a little too dark for me frankly. Better Call Saul is the prequel but is definitely funnier, somewhat lighter on its feet and the characters have more nuance and depth.

If you have never seen it give yourself four or five episodes to inoculate yourself to some craziness and violence and then sit back and enjoy the ride. Worth the wait.

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