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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Coastal Elitist and proud of it!

I try my damnedest to stay non partisan and even handed but sometimes things just slip and the gloves come off.

I wanted to give my friend Brett a little business and so I told him about a t-shirt idea I had that is sure to piss people off, one of my specialties. This one is tongue in cheek, of course.

I am getting mighty tired of the red state tale wagging the blue state dog. So I created the rough concept for this Coastal Elite t-shirt.

That is yours truly with his nose in the air, giving dumbf*ckistan a timely sprinkle. 

Really bad taste I admit, I have sunk to new depths with this one, I know. Robert, taking matters in hand. Better to straddle the problem and be pissed off than pissed on, I always say.

Anyhow, we have some revisions to make, trying to explain the proper blue red split in Florida, which is not adequately expressed here. Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and parts of North Carolina need to go blue. 

Texas is a little wimpy here from a geographic/cartoonist perspective. The curly hair and hawaiian shirt are good. Nice popeye arms.

But we will get there. If there is enough interest and you aren't afraid to own one let me know and maybe I will print them up. It is a four color job so they won't be cheap but are sure to be a collector's item. By the way, my wife hates it and many of my peeps feel that it is childish and below me. So be it!

If they are going to call us coastal elitists I say wear the sobriquet proudly. Should have it cleaned up in no time.


Linda Wilson said...

LOL, But why do the guys get to have all the fun.... does chicks pissing seem raunchy, but this is not? I don't know, pissing is natural. So why does it represent a put down? Makes me wonder even more about the Golden Shower Crowd. Alas- more to ponder. I'd like dozen 10" stickers.

Blue Heron said...

Whiz away, Linda with my warmest regards.

Liz said...

I like it

Wilbur Norman said...

Hey! Don't paint NM red! We happily have been the bluest of the blue.

Blue Heron said...

I think I am painting it more of a yellow here Wilbur. Actually thought of that but didn't want to play patchwork favorites.

Ralph Chaney said...

As long as we're sinking here... You're well placed in the graphic to add the needed land mass to Texas... you can deliver it from where the moon don't shine.

Blue Heron said...

Thanks Ralph, I get your drift and concur, can spare a steamer.

Anonymous said...

How about relocating the degenerates from behind the shop to handle the task. Sounds like a win win. JH