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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Oriole Saturday

I don't normally make these sorts of rookie mistakes but I did this morning. I saw multiple orioles buzzing around my feeder and grabbed the camera, neglecting to check that the ISO was on auto. I didn't get enough light on the sensor, basically and without light, you don't get accurate focus. I flubbed a whole bunch of shots.

I tend to shoot manual with auto-iso, it sort of corrects any exposure mistakes and balances everything out.

The great thing is that there is always another day to correct and get it right!

The neighbor told me that she saw baby heads yesterday in the nest. I have not as yet, so I don't feel like I missed anything today. Here is mother this morning.

I hope I don't miss anything too epic when I am away. I had a passive aggressive young shitkicker in a red truck try to dust me out in my driveway as I was shutting the gate. Steph said that he practically ran her off the road a few seconds earlier. Guy had fishing poles in his rear window. I don't get people that think they can wreak havoc in other people's neighborhoods, show so little respect.

I'm not sure why but the blog has been going crazy in both Russia and China lately. This is from yesterday. Maybe they get so little news now with social media shut off that they have to resort to checking out the blast.

Wonder when they pull the plug on me, if ever? Anyway comrades, be well, your government is lying to you but most do and you knew that anyway.

I get Ash Wednesday, Holy Tuesday, Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Easter, saw that there was once something known as Clean Monday and Maundy Thursday. But why doesn't Saturday have a name this week? Wait, it actually does. Black Saturday.

Enjoy your holiday!

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