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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Bob the Kat

One of my breakfast buddies, Jay, showed me this picture of his beautiful cat, Bob.

I didn't fully absorb the back story but I think Bob was run over at one time or another but pulled through.

What a beauty!


If you are a cat owner I would like to see what your feline friend looks like.

Send me a pic and share.


I have three cats, Tiger, Nico and Cosmo.

They are all wonderful and beautiful but Cosmo is extra special, a siamese tonkinese type that is sweet, vocal and loves a good tummy rub.

My wife says it is not good to play favorites but I do really love this cat! 

And I believe that the feeling is mutual.

Some people feel sorry for those people that have no children, I feel sorry for those that do not live with cats.

You show me yours and I'll show you mine.

 From Jon Harwood - Sammie and yellow flowers

Saylor's cat Snoozer. I call him feisty cause he will take a nip at you... when you least expect it. But he's usually a nice guy.
Frankie and Leila - Will Chandler

Guarding the donation box, Bangkok - Ron and Lena

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