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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

My favorite cell phone shot


Leslie and I were walking in the rain one night in Parma, Italy back in 2016. The phone was the most primitive, low resolution affair that you could ever buy. Yet the lack of detail and smeary clarity and color imbued it with a lovely graphic quality like a fine Zbukvik watercolor. I especially like the human figures. Light and value.

I couldn't recreate this with a new iPhone if I tried. Magic happens sometimes in the most unlikely of places. Hope to return to Italy one day.

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Jon Harwood said...

Three cheers for Italy and for cell phone cameras. It always cheers me up when my cell phone does as well as my super duper 40 megapixel pretentious usual camera. That is a very nice shot and a grand composition. In our digital era where cameras routinely produce near perfection we have lost the emotion and the human-ness of imperfect shots.