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Monday, August 21, 2023

After the storm


We made it through the rainstorm unscathed. Thanks for the email and text messages. It was actually very mellow compared to some of the storms we have experienced in the past. The wind was never a real problem.  I'd say it was a perfect storm.

At around nine o'clock it started coming in real hard and didn't stop for about three hours. But it was an even consistent rain, the optimal one for the native greenery.

Linda and Peter's gauge

We showed around 4", Brian's gauge tipped over at eight o'clock already at 3.25" and he figures about 4" as well. Linda Wilson's gauge says 4", Beth's read 3.75" high on the hill. RoxAnn and Mick got 4" over near Yucca.

Jerry and Adelle showed 3.25" for the full storm total.

Our area of Fallbrook almost always has higher totals than the official numbers which might originate near the airport or Olive Hill.

The late Carroll Njust, a neighbor who was an Air Force Colonel and pilot kept accurate records here back to 1960. He was the definitive source.

The only question for us really was did our narrow canyon road hold up? We have been trapped before...

It held up beautifully. No problems. Here is a wide angle shot I took of the river and Gavilan Mt. this morning, very happy and green foliage for August.

Speaking of wide angle, here is a shot of oncoming clouds I took from the viewpoint over Lake Henshaw on the East Grade of Palomar Mt. on Friday afternoon.

As I drove in to town this morning I was treated very quickly to all four native hawk species. 

Right away I saw this red tailed drying off her wings.

Not very happy but no worse for wear.


Shortly thereafter I saw Beth and Bertie taking a walk on the road and we saw a red shouldered hawk on the line which wasn't able to snag.

She was showing off her fancy new Swarovski binoculars and counting bird species. She was up to 14. Mostly dumb sparrows I bet.

Most of my neighbors enjoy inclement weather because you have to love nature to live out here. Leslie and I do. Even the gloom is wonderful, like today.

I got to the mailbox, no problem and was so entranced with this Cooper's hawk that I forgot yesterday's paper. 

I got into a little bit of trouble, nothing new.

Beautiful bird. 

As I drove up Willow Glen I found the upper red tailed drying out on its familiar branch. 
I pulled over and grabbed a shot. 

I think I saw six hawks in about ten minutes, maybe seven. Not a bad haul.

And a male acorn woodpecker for good measure!

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