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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Do not look at my scones with scorn

RoxAnn and Mick gifted us some really nice peaches yesterday as well as some gorgeous cherry tomatoes. I decided to make peach scones. I love peaches and want to continue to bake with them while they are are still around. These were large and super sweet.

I must have Georgia on my mind for some reason.

Anyway I picked them up on my way home after seeing Dr. Reynolds up in Murrieta.  Chip used to practice in Fallbrook and it was not easy to hunt him down after he moved. Always liked him and come to think of it, think he is from Georgia. 

I haven't had a real GP since Seymour went off the grid and I think it is important that someone see how all the different points interconnect. I am getting a panel of labs.

I got home and started blanching and prepping a lot of fruit.

Unlike the cobbler, I added no lemon or sweetener of any kind.

I have never made scones before. It was straightforward and relatively easy.

I used a box grater and shaved the frozen butter into the flour, baking powder sugar mixture.

But did I remember the salt?

That is the 64k question, don't remember adding it, have been a little dingy since the procedure Friday, maybe I didn't?

Yes or no, they tasted great, very light. I used twice the amount of fruit called for in the recipe.

My dough seemed wetter than the dough in the recipe pictures.

I was going to make an icing but we did not have powdered sugar so I did not.

Ron suggested using a pizza stone for a better base. 

I forgot to put parchment paper down and it was a bear to clean up with the baking soda.

But I did.

I sent a picture to scone maker Dave. 

He said they should be round or triangular, not in between. 


They say the proof is in the pudding but in this case it was in the scone. Substance over form.

Pretty darn good. 

And I have a large freezer bag of peaches ready for the next culinary excursion.

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