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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Pecan apple crumble

Being a relatively new baker, I had never made a crumble before. I had made pie and cobbler but wanted to scratch the crumble off my list. Still need to bake a crisp too.

Having thoroughly gone through my peach phase with the scones I decided to go apple this time. Renee had some organic apples she gave me and I bought organic Annas for backup.

It was all rather perfunctory. I added my cornstarch and lemon juice. 

I didn't have normal brown sugar, we have a brown molasses cane sugar that is very sticky, but it was what I had and I went with it. 

Leslie bought it on sale at Sprouts and I think it made all the difference!

Added a whole bunch of melted butter.

I spread the filling and then the topping and finished it with chopped pecans.

For what it is worth, I think it was my best yet. The brown sugar filling caramelized and the whole thing was just over the top.

Good job Rob, this one is pretty sinful!

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