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Sunday, August 20, 2023

All good so far...

It has been raining since about two in the morning. A slow and steady rain but nothing exciting or out of the ordinary. Not even close to a top ten yet or even a hundred. Mild wind. January 1993 makes this one look like child's play. We thought that we would be rolling in the mud like Woodstock about now, but it was not to be.

Of course the once hurricane center is still 225 miles sse. Maybe things will still ramp up? It is supposed to turn into squalls with a 40mph wind in the mid afternoon. Maybe then we can get some pyrotechnics. But for now it's a big nothing here. I know it is creating serious havoc in Baja. Perhaps this is merely the calm before the real storm...

At least the trees and plants will get a nice bath.

Speaking of plants, the bromeliad ballansae spike is getting taller, more defined and beautiful.

Like a tall peppermint sundae.


I made scones again last night, sort of mixed a few recipes.

I made a ginger walnut peach but cut the intense spices I used on the pure ginger one that I made the other day.

I found a recipe that added yogurt to the cream and tried that.

These were not beautiful but they were delicious.


I wish that my dutch oven leg of lamb was as successful.

I overcooked it.

I took it out a half hour before I was supposed to and rather than a temp of 150 my thermometer registered 205.


I think my oven cooks far hotter than the dial indicates and I need to do a better job of monitoring temperatures.

Live and learn but this one was painful.


So the scorecard is a fizzle out rain, a lovely scone, a beautiful flower and an overcooked roast.

Batting five hundred.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are and whatever the weather. Stay safe.

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