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Monday, August 21, 2023

May cooler heads prevail

A friend of mine was exhibiting in Santa Fe this week when another dealer, who happens to be a very wealthy and conservative "friend of Donald," loudly exclaimed that there will have to be a civil war in this country. 

He proclaimed that our problems are now so insurmountable that they can only be solved by force. 

He was hushed up by cooler heads. After my buddy relayed the story I really had to think, could we actually be poised for a shooting war in this country? 

Could there be any truth in this type of rhetoric?  If so, we libs will probably be hopelessly outgunned. We prefer to kill them with kindness honestly.

It's really pretty frightening but certain elements on both sides of the ideological spectrum have shown little reluctance for engaging in acts of violence.

But god, I hope not.

We are entering new turf. We have an ex President with four indictments and roughly 91 counts against him, I can't keep up anymore.

He has rock solid support among his base and a slightly larger strata of those that hold him in utter contempt. 

His supporters trust him more than their own friends and family.

And sometime before this Friday at noon he will be booked and have his mug shot taken. 

And then I think holy hell is going to break loose. I hope it is not a match to a powderkeg.

Because the symbology of our first convicted President (yes, that rape thing) getting his picture taken for a booking is going to seriously aggrieve some people and make an equal number of people quite happy.

And all that anger and all that joy is going to swirl around in the political alembic and then it is going to boil over, for no other reason than the pure optics of the deed finally coming home to roost in a deeply polarized political minefield.

I certainly have an opinion on Donald Trump and his guilt or innocence. But the truth is that both sides are feeling very victimized right now and they are both going to want to vent their anger. I hope that they can do so peacefully and constructively but I honestly have my doubts.

I have faith in America and the jury system that right and justice will prevail after all the evidence is exposed to the light of day. Let the chips fall as they may.

But I think that mugshot is going to be worth a pretty penny. You think he will be smiling, stoic or frowning? I think we will get the former, a big fat fake smile, his ego too large to show that he is sweating down deep. 

This is a guy who has run circles around the legal system his whole life, like Capone, nobody has ever really laid a hand on him. But like the last chapter of Dorian Gray, the Teflon man is certainly showing more stress in his face the last few weeks, and we may be in some final coda.

Whatever happens, don't get triggered. Not worth it. He's not worth it.


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Jon Harwood said...

I do think there is a lot of potential for lone actors to engage in violent behavior. I don't know about an organized thing like a civil war. However, one rule is that one can't see the tipping point until things really get bad. We are in bad shape as a country. It is true that various elites failed disastrously with the 2008 financial crisis, various forever wars and other failures stretching all the way back to Watergate. People have reason to be anxious and fearful and a huge political machine is working constantly to stoke the fear. We have a huge sector of the population that has been deluded, in my opinion. All of this is sufficient to cause major trouble if we get some sort of black swan event to set it off. Even if we don't get major trouble I expect to see some random violence as trials drag on and the vitriol continues.