Monday, August 28, 2023

Sad state of affairs

I was thinking today about the Jacksonville shootings. They were so predictable with the racial rhetoric being spewed around so freely these days.

As are the responses. 

Have you noticed that when a black person kills anybody, they are savage animals. When a white person kills someone they have a mental illness.

Funny how that works. 

Check out this video to see all the familiar Fox and GOP talking points. To me it all goes back to Trump and his support for the good nazis marching at Charlottesville, the fine people on both sides.... MARA - Make America racist again. You remember, Jews will not replace us. He let that genie out of the bottle again. Now we are bearing the fruit, El Paso, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Poway, Jacksonville, all over this country.

Or stories like this, Mississippi cops torturing black people for being on the wrong side of the river. Or racist cops in Antioch. Or Minnesota. Or Prince George. Or Greenwood. People that think that racism is only directed at white people these days are plainly delusional.

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