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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Twice in a blue moon

Wednesday night at we will get what is known as a super blue moon, the last one we will experience until 2037! It will be at peak at 12:14 a.m. Thursday morning.

In a super blue moon, a full moon, super moon and blue moon will all converge together. By the way, a blue moon isn't really blue, it just means that it is full twice in a month. A super moon means that the moon is full and at its closest point to earth. Should be bright and spectacular.

I am by no means an expert astronomical photographer but full moons are harder to shoot than partial moons because the intense brightness obscures the detail.

Here is a full moon shot I took with my Nikkor 400mm ƒ2.8 fl. ISO 100 ƒ4.5 at 1/400th of a second. I applied super resolution in Lightroom and minimal sharpening.

May have to drag the camera and tripod out tomorrow. More here.


Brigitte Schlemmer said...

I wonder if I will be able to see it flying east over the Atlantic to North Africa?

Blue Heron said...

I think they have a different moon... Have a great trip.