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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Loathsome Lineup

Don't take this too seriously, it is obviously completely subjective, but how would you rank the Fulton County indictees on the overall Loathsome Scale?

Leslie and I had this conversation at dinner last night and I thought you might want to give me your two cents. And if you happen to love these guys, rank them in that order.

I realize that Roger Stone is as yet unindicted and that he or Bannon could throw off the whole curve but we have to go with what we got right now. Dance with those that brung you.

Here's my bottom ten, the worst at the top.

19. Donald Trump - evil prevaricator, entirely without conscience. wannabee dictator
18. Rudolph Giuliani - John Eastman (tie) - demented drunk and constitutional wackjob
17. Sidney Powell (she just ekes past the smiling Jenna Ellis) - lies as easily as she breathes
16. Jenna Ellis - smiley face that likes to hide behind a large cross
15. Jeffrey Clark - environmental bureaucrat who tried to shiv his bosses and is now fighting witches and spirits in his front yard in his underwear
14. Kenneth Chesebro - cerebral mastermind who helped engineer the fake elector scheme, think Lex Luthor
13. Mark Meadows - (see below) connivernot crazy but knew better

It is hard to rate the rest of them. Ye's publicist is disturbing as is the black dude who assaulted the FBI agent. I think most of the rest of these people were out of their depth and just following orders, too stupid to understand what they were doing was illegal.  

Maybe I have Meadows ranked too low here, he seems to want you to think he was the guy who was just there for the ride, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Maybe he goes right under Giuliani, he being the god fearing moral man that never had enough backbone to say no. I don't think he is batshit crazy like so many of these people, merely conniving and ultimately utterly without principals. According to Pence Chief of Staff Marc Short, all the fingers point to "innocent Mark."

Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

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