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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Red Sky tonight

I worked a bit this morning waterproofing the store and then drove up the east grade of Palomar Mountain looking for eagles. 

The sky to the east was starting to get a bit darker but not too terribly ominous.

I didn't see any raptors but had time to think about life a little bit. The last two months have been really tough, close to breaking me.

Afterwards I drove out to Warner Springs and Aguanga and just enjoyed the pre storm scenery. So nice to tool around the back country, Oak Grove and Sunshine Summit with nary a human in sight. Spent a few hours in the tall pines and oaks.

They pushed the rain arrival back again. I got three sunset pictures from friends tonight.

Cardiff Sunset - Lena

Fallbrook Sunset - Renee

Fallbrook Sunset - RoxAnn

I guess it was a hell of a sunset tonight, I mostly missed it. I caught the very tail end. I was cooking ginger walnut peach scones and putting a leg of lamb in the broiler.

Next time.

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