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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Hunter Witch Hunt

I will be honest with you. I could care less about Hunter Biden. They have dug and dug and dug there, basically found nothing. The guy pled guilty to some minor deal but it is not enough for a right wing mob intent on bringing his father down. He was an addict who liked the ladies. First guy in history like that, I'll bet.

They threw everything they could at the wall and nothing stuck. Republicans demanded a special counsel. Now they have appointed one but it is not enough for the teeth gnashers. But I don't think this dog will hunt.

The GOP likes to talk about a double standard. I'll give you a double standard. Trump's son in law uses his position to grab a two billion dollar investment from the Saudis. That is access and benefiting from your position, my friends.

Eric and Dumbo Jr. have built a career on this same grift. Ivanka and Jared ratcheted it up even farther. Their actions leave Hunter in the dust. So I am not going to listen to the chatter and hypocrisy. STFU about Hunter Biden already. He's not even in the same league.

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