Rapt attention

Sunday, August 13, 2023

So leave already...


Senator Joe Manchin is once again threatening to leave the Democratic party and become an independent.

And my only thought was, "Gee Joe, when did you ever agree with a policy of the Democratic Party? 

How would we be able to tell you were even gone?"

The West Virginian is pro life, anti environment, anti union, amassed his fortune off coal, opposed gay marriage, voted against the Women's Health Proteection Act, threw a wrench in the Affordable Care Act, has sabotaged climate change legislation and generally has bucked his party and the current President at every turn and opportunity.

If you are going to go, go Joe, but stop with the diva act, no one is buying it. You were only ever a Democrat out of convenience and you and your crony Sinema have no national political base.

Become an independent Joe, or even a Republican. Not like anybody could tell the difference...


Postscript - Fox pouring money into Manchin coffers


Jon Harwood said...

I don't mind old Joe quite as much as I mind Ms. Sinema. Joe is pretty honest about being an old fashion machine Democrat and he is consistent with that. Beats the ever changing weather vane Sinema has become.

Blue Heron said...