Sunday, August 20, 2023

Bad Stephen

If you look at all the nasty and creepy characters in the Trump Cabinet and his advisors, it is hard to pick a worst of the worst. The scale ranges from decent to incompetent to the purely evil and venal.

On a pure policy level, Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke lead the charge for their hideous mismanagement of EPA and the Interior. Nasty heiress Betsy DeVos always had her religious and private school agenda lurking close by. Mnuchin was in the pocket of the large investment banks.

But in terms of just nasty pieces of excrement, two stand out on this list, at least to me, Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller.

And with Manafort in the pen, Miller has to win the prize for the sickest and most contemptible piece of dung in the Trump orbit. And he really hasn't stopped. 

The Jewish kid from Santa Monica has been disowned and disavowed by his own uncle for his hatred, hypocrisy and contempt. 

A quick look at his recent headlines gives you a reason why.

Who are Miller's enemies?  Gays, pop-tarts, M&M's liberals, janitors, diversity, migrants, cheez-its and all the people who are persecuting the poor white man. He spreads lies and conspiracy theories and has even promoted white nationalists. He created the Trump administration's family separation policy for migrants.
In September 2017, The New York Times reported that Miller stopped the Trump administration from showing the public an internal study by the Department of Health and Human Services that found that refugees had a net positive effect on government revenues. Miller insisted that only the costs of refugees be publicized, not the revenues refugees bring in. As a White House spokesman, Miller on multiple occasions made false and unsubstantiated claims regarding widespread electoral fraud. Emails leaked in November 2019 showed that Miller had promoted articles from white  nationalist publications VDARE and American Renaissance, and had espoused conspiracy theories. Miller is on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of extremists.
It is interesting that the name of his group is America's first

Because in the 1930's Lindbergh, Henry Ford  and a bunch of other anti semites and isolationists had a group with the very same name. 

Many of the members were fascist sympathizers.

It really doesn't seem like much has changed.

I loathe everything that this man stands for.


Sanoguy said...

Manafort was pardoned by Trump…

Lena said...

I wonder what happened in Stephen Millers life that lead to such a despicable human being?

Blue Heron said...

Steven Miller alias Joseph Goebbels they look alike, the are both closeted antisemetic jews, can you imagine the hatred that Trump has for Miller? wait till he doesnt need him anymore..
Heres hoping that Trump shits his pants this week. There is no one word to describe the person that is Trump so I say let us add the word Trump to wikipedia as the definition of the worst kind of person that can exist. "A TRUMP" , he has caused so much pain and suffering in this world. If there is a such thing as Karma let it happen soon.
Maybe some kind of contest is needed, I will offer a prize of $500 for the person who can come up with the best definition.