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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Luna Tunes

The latina waitress that works at Main Street Cafe, what is her name? Starts with a b. Short and pretty, used to work at Rosas... Anyway a few months ago I had a conversation with her about deep fried tacos like I got up in Torrance.

The other day that she told me to try the Taco shop Luna near Albertsons. she said they were the only people in town that did it.

I went down there yesterday. It is much nicer than the first time I went and smelled better, although I had no prior complaints about the food.

I ordered a deep fried carne asada and a deep fried potato taco.

Although they were nowhere near as good as what I had up north, they were still good and interesting and I would certainly eat them again.

tacos el goloso
But no sauce, or lime, or crema, not even close to the other place. Tacos el Goloso was the bomb. This was merely good. Shells seemed cooked like a regular taco, no sauce, no magic. This was not a birria taco.

I paid a little under eleven bucks for two tacos and a mandarin drink.

So it wasn't exactly cheap but I guess nothing is anymore.

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