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Friday, April 26, 2024

Homeward Bound (I wish I was)


It is so pretty at my house this morning in the early drizzle that it was hard to leave.

A lot of flowers are coming into bloom.

The banxia climbing rose has now taken over a few orange trees. 

It's cascade is so beautiful, just fills an incredible amount of space.

Or is it a Cecille Brunner?

I don't really remember now...

After fifty years things sort of decide for themselves at a ranch where they want to grow and we follow along.

Lost more than a few Valencia orange trees to trumpet vines and roses but we have plenty more so it is fine.

I heard a bullock's oriole in the garden today, never saw it. 

They are more furtive than the hooded, less inclined to make their presence known to man.

Welcome back.
Our place is rather wild, definitely not a tailored "Orange County" landscaping style.

But it works for us and the critters all seem to enjoy it.

Had a beautiful red diamondback cross the road in front of me in front of the Murray's place on the way home the other day.

Not too long but fat and well fed.

We have a lot of quail on the property. 

Leslie puts out grain for them under the feeder.

I enjoy watching them forage around and the brilliant woosh of their wings when they fly away.

The orange blossoms are singing and the star jasmine is too. 

So many brilliant fragrances.

If I have time I am going to take a day off as soon as I can and just hang out in the garden with my pals.

Dip my beak in the jelly.

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Jon Harwood said...

I vote for Cecille Brunner over Lady Banks (banxia)