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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


I guess the story starts a few months ago. My wife discovered that I had scorched her favorite oven mitt, maybe given to her a beloved aunt or something like that. Soon it was my ass getting scorched. I admit that it was once a very pretty floral mitt that I had desecrated but it was still functional. 

Doesn't matter, I was in trouble.

So I decided to go into mitigation mode and found her a couple new oven mitts on Amazon, in purple no less.

By Sunco. It says that they are even good to 400°. Whoopee! Don't believe me? Look:


The other night I cooked up a beautiful tri tip roast. My best dry rub yet, seared for a perfect crust. She had bought the prime roast at Frazer Farms in Vista. They get great beef.

I cooked the beef to an internal temperature of 135°, in a 350° oven.

When I pulled the baking sheet that the roast was on out of the oven, I yelled so loud you could hear me in Delphi's Corner.

My index finger was seriously burned right through the mitt.

We put cold water and aloe gel on it but I got a nasty blister.

I had to go to my regular doctor for a check up yesterday and he told me that I had sustained second degree burns on the appendage.

I called Amazon and they told me that they would refund my twelve bucks. Big whoop. They told me to throw the mitts away.

I left a nasty review on the mitts. They didn't print it.

I will be more careful in the future and buy something with better insulating protection. 

Sunco oven mitts are a not so funny joke.

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