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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Mow them weeds

I've got a little over four acres here included an unused pasture and the weeds just won't ever stop. Todd, the guy who helps around here, says that it is just too much to weed whip with all the rain. 

We are all getting older and I have been maintaining this particular ranch for 35 years. I get it. McDaniels does the mowing for me once a year but it is not cheap.

I have talked to a friend or two in similar straits and we have come up with the idea of buying a small tractor together. Used but in good shape, dependable. Maybe a Massey or Kubota?  I had a Massey when I was contracting and it was bulletproof.

But we don't have the money for a big outlay.

If you know someone with a tractor that they are not using in good working order, priced reasonably,  please let me know.

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