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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Wednesday this and that

I was on a bit of a manic roll all day yesterday, had a good time goofing on people.

I went to Ace hardware and there was a guy outside looking at a light bulb. 

As I strode past him I said, "Looks like you just had a brilliant idea." 

Guy didn't even smile or flinch but I thought it was funny.

This is a photo of my friend Tom looking stoic and recreating the scene for me in my green room. Please don't try this at home.


I later went to the grocery store to buy a chicken for last night's feast.

The young cashier was ringing it up and in my most sincere voice I asked her if she could tell me anything about the chicken's upbringing and what it's emotional state might have been when it was ultimately dispatched?

The owner of Grocery Outlet was standing there and busted up laughing.


The chicken ended up being spatchcocked and plunked down in my Peruvian aji amarillo recipe.

Dinner was wonderful if a bit spicy. Stuff is addictive.

I also made scones this week. 

Back to basics, simple cranberry, walnut and ginger. 

No icing, they were really good. Unfortunately only one left.

They don't last long.


Joel brought his new 1963 Chrysler Imperial to coffee the other day. 

What a dreamboat.

Two and a half tons of driving pleasure.

This was Chrysler's answer to the Cadillac. 

Car is pretty mint, 32k original miles.


I ran into Little C on the street yesterday.

The longtime Fallbrook tattoo artist is now hawking his own brand of pomade.

I don't normally use the stuff but he turned me on to a can.

Pretty cool.

I wish him good luck on his venture.


Jon Harwood snapped this picture of Dirty Ray and a few of his boys yesterday.

I have been taking a morning walk at Los Jilgueros Preserve. I turn on my Merlin bird app and it tells me what birds I am listening to on my hike. 

I believe that it is helping me refine my auditory skills. 

This is an abbreviated list, it was mostly song sparrows and grackles but my screenshot couldn't get them all in.

Enjoy the beautiful day, everybody.

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