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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Mae Sai

Leslie and I went to Temecula yesterday to buy a new mini fridge for her shop. The old one konked out. After we found a suitable replacement at Home Depot we decided to have lunch. But where? I have eaten so many times at Asia Seafood Buffet lately that I am starting to have flashbacks.

We thought about Rubios and maybe the Vietnamese place in the old K-Mart Center on Ynez but we finally chose the Poke joint near Happy Buddha. 

But when we pulled in to park we saw this cool new restaurant, or at least new to us - Mae Sai, Northern Thai Street Food. Wow, sounded like just the ticket.

Place is small, funky and spartan. But it was clean and non pretentious. 

Owners, a husband and wife, from the north of Thailand, but their two very cute kids were working on their laptops at the next table, home for spring break.

The whole family wore a head covering that is probably customary in their part of Thailand.

The menu was quite extensive, the food wonderful. 

We had an appetizer plate that consisted of Popeye rolls, curry puffs, shrimp rolls and spring rolls. 

It was quite delicious, two kinds of dipping sauce.

We split the khao soi kai, the famous chicken dish with wheat egg noodles and coconut milk curry. 

I have had this in many other places but this was honestly the best I ever had.

We couldn't finish the one entree. 

We both look forward to going back and meeting these delightful people and trying new things on the menu.

If you like Thai food and want to taste the real thing, check this place out.

We don't know much about Northern Thai but are ready to learn.

Mae Sai
26491 Ynez Rd.
Temecula, CA 92591



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