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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

My Moosterpiece

Jeff and Gina gifted us another organic moose roast that he harvested up at his home in Alaska. Super clean protein, lives on willow. The moose is an even toed ungulate, the only remaining species in the Alces family.

I cooked it up tonight but did not prepare it in my usual way.

I usually soak the moose in milk to get rid of the supposed gamey taste. But honestly it never tastes gamey to me so I didn't tonight. I like the flavor!

I have also previously braised the moose in the french oven for a long slow cook, tonight I just decided to cook it like a beef roast in a roasting pan, quick and easy. I don't find it particularly tough but it has that reputation.

I patted it dry, used copious amounts of kosher salt and pepper and then finished seasoning with thyme, rosemary, garlic powder and onion salt.

I stuck the Le Creuset skillet in the oven to get real hot and then seared the roast in hot oil. 

Didn't get real brown but close enough.

I covered it in bacon on the sheet pan and surrounded it with potatoes and carrots. Poured some tempranillo over the whole thing. Sprayed some duck fat on the spuds.

I brought the moose to about 144 degrees, a little more medium than last time but still really good. Cooked very fast, around forty five minutes. The bacon fat helped the potatoes and carrots, which are now super sweet, best I have ever made, frankly.

Leslie won't eat it but I want to tell you, it is really good!

As I have mentioned previously, it is illegal to sell or buy moose in this country. It must be gifted. Thank you Jeff and Regina!

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