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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Shrimp with oil cured olives, orzo and feta

I decided to cook a new entree tonight, a Greek dish, one I found on YouTube. I enjoy this guy's approach to food.

Leslie brought home two lbs. of Argentine wild caught shrimp. 

We thawed out about half. I cooked the dinner pretty much faithfully per the recipe, toasted the orzo in oil and then added the chicken broth. 

Funnily enough, our chicken broth that we already had at home had less sodium than the low sodium stuff that he called for. 

The only thing I did was omit the onion and add more garlic. 

But I did add onion salt and a little more lemon juice than he suggested.

We used curly parsley instead of the flat Italian he advocated.

It was an excellent dish but we think we can improve upon it in the future. 

It is definitely salty!

There is so much salt in the olive and feta that the half teaspoon of salt that I used to brine the shrimp was totally unnecessary and will be omitted next time.

We loved his use of baking soda to fatten the shrimp! 

And the oil cured olives were delicious.

We cooked it in the Le Creuset French Oven I got from Bill and Carter, bless their hearts!

I also will cut down on the red pepper the next go. 

But the positives really outweigh the negatives, the orzo really loves being cooked in the chicken broth. 

Brought it to a boil, covered it and cooked it on low for 12 minutes.

Shrimp were cooked perfectly. 

Might substitute goat cheese for feta in the future. Perhaps add artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes. Leslie thought about even adding pine nuts.

We paired it with a lovely red Zinfandel, Syrah blend called Seven Moons.

Very nice meal. Simple. Give it a try!

And my wife taught me a new trick on using the tongs to squeeze the lemon.

Learning every day!

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Linda Roberts Forman said...

Good Evening, Cousin Robert…
Pretty much the same recipe was on the AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN website about 6 weeks ago. I have made it three times, tweaking it the second two. The third time, I used boneless chicken thighs…just as good…and all washed down with a bottle of EDUCATED GUESS Pinot Noir.