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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Weed Reprise

As I have mentioned previously, I hardly ever smoke anymore, can go many months between tokes of marijuana. I was a heavy smoker in my youth but when it stops being fun or providing anything positive there are times it is good to get clear and give it a rest.

I mention this because a friend who another fifty year plus toker recently told me that he has given up on cannabis entirely.


Because two of his partner's children have developed severe marijuana psychosis. The same thing happened to my best friend's son, whose psychosis led him into some very negative interactions with law enforcement. It is very serious business.

My buddy could not justify smoking pot when he saw the effect it was having on his family.

Marijuana is so potent these days. An entirely different animal than the ten dollar a can "dirt weed" we smoked in our youth. Four fingers, seeds and stems required. They are breeding such high potency herb that it is sometimes frightening to smoke. Another friend sent me some literature about people freaking out on the haze varieties.

I have seen kids become total zombies on resin, dabs and other similar hemp products and it is not a good thing. I worry about them. While we had low thc pot that was fun and not nearly so narcotic when I was a kid, today's grass is like an immediate plunge into the deep end of the pool, no training wheels.

Brain damage.

I actually think that the mellow and slow approach gave us time to deal with altering our consciousness in a gradual and organic way that is missing today.

As we approach the weed holiday 4-20, I applaud those that both choose to partake and also those who have decided that it is time to stop or take a break.

All things in moderation.

Stay mellow but don't hurt the machinery.


Diane O said...

The old days when we didn't have enough sense to take out the seeds! Harsh but fun, especially when the seeds exploded like popcorn when the flame hit them. I too stopped long long ago.

Jon Harwood said...

You bet Diane. I remember how hot seeds would burn perfect seed shaped holes in polyester shirts.

Liz said...

I haven’t smoked in years except when I was fighting medicine side effects. Mg used to be a very heavy smoker, but he has quit. Weird that it happened right about the time it was made legal in our state.