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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Doodie Calls

I have been a bachelor for a few days. Leslie went back to Dallas to see her brother and his family and to catch the eclipse.

Although it was cloudy she said it was great and sent me this shot. She had an eclipse lens that attached to cell phones. Or I think that is what she said. Anyway she is having a great time and I am trying to keep things together at home.

We have three cats, all with very different personalities, all good kitties. My job is to keep them fit, fed, happy and alive until she gets back.

So a quick discussion on the subject and then I sign off, not feeling too chipper of late and I don't really feel like writing too much.

Besides feeding the cats and petting the cats and watching them when they play outside so they don't get chomped by predators, I also now have cat box detail. Twice a day.

Now there are not many things I dislike as much as cleaning the catbox. It's like this; every time I either do the dishes or clean the cat box, my spouse finds something to kvetch about. For some reason she doesn't like the job I do and says she has to re-do it. And I honestly apologize for that. It is not intentional, I can assure you.

But how does the old saying go, never get really good at something that you can't stand doing despise. I think that when it comes to cleaning cat boxes that maxim has stood me well. Sorry baby, I tried.

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